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Marketing is my cup of coffee.

Posted by Subhendu on November 15, 2009

It did not take me long to realize that Marketing is fun and it is great responsibility as well. I had just recovered from the most tumultous phase of my life.

Boss, Can you give me one packet Gold Flake King Size Milds? I was at a local shop asking for some Nicotine to burn. As i lighted the long and sleek cigarette, I was looking at how the smoke just went up and above. It felt just like yesterday, I had survived 3 major crises, bruised but with a hope that I will move on and prove it to all those who left me. I wanted to relegate back into oblivion where no one would be able to trace me, no one would be able to laugh at me. I feared rejection, I feared people talking behind my back, I feared people overall.

Then as always, when I am most hit, there is a voice within me which speaks up. I have always relied on the voice whenever I am all messed up. And it is inevitably there. And the same voice this time told me to just take up the opportunity ahead. I still thought twice, thrice and many more times, everytime expecting that the inner voice would change its statement. Poor me.

I had nothing else to cling on to. People I loved the most had left me. And I was alone. The only other thing which I loved was my conscience which actually had helped me many times in the past. So, I finally yielded.

It was 7 PM in the evening in Mumbai when i decided that I would resign from the current company I am in. It was a big decision for me and actually a leap of great magnitude when I was feeling thrown away. But then there was no point in continuing anymore. I had lost it all. The depressing feelings overpowered me again. Fighting it diligently, I made myself understand that the lowest point in my life is over. I would have to live for those who love me more than I loved the people who left me.

I resigned.

The next opportunity was waiting at my doors. I opened my arms. Breathed and enjoyed the air.

The air was full of freedom. I was joining as the Marketing Manager in a MNC. If Marketing was about ABC, I just had read ABC, but never took pains to understand or break a twig on it. But then opportunities come with challenges. All along, I had taken up challenges. Sometimes I had failed, but mostly I had been successful. So odds were in favor. I was joining the new company in 30 days from today.

When I closed my eyes to sleep, I felt my eyes moisten.

Dozed off thinking that from tomorrow, I have to start the notice period!


11 Responses to “Marketing is my cup of coffee.”

  1. Amaresh said

    “I would have to live for those who love me more than I loved the people who left me.”..this phase may be seems to be simple but teaches a lot…. happy 2 be reader of this blogs..thank you sir…

  2. Anonymous said

    Hello, every time i used to check weblog posts here in the early hours in the morning, as i love to gain knowledge of more and more.

  3. […] Chapter 1 : Marketing is my cup of Coffee […]

  4. Pratap said

    I don’t have anything special to write for you! “Raja” name itself is king… Whatever it may be, blogs are fantastic. Keep it up! Past life always provides fuel to accelerate the new life. You are my gem 🙂

  5. Ritesh said


    Good times have a flaw…they come to an end, and bad times have a silver lining…they too come to an end.

    I can only speculate the 3 major events you are alluding to, but I know that you have the steel in your heart to overcome all odds.

    Best wishes!

  6. Vikas said

    Awesome stuff dude..Seems like u are born to blog..Keep it going

  7. Abhishek said

    Completely empathize – Impressive mate ! Keep blogging!

  8. Eliza said

    You described everything as if you are re-living those moments.I could imagine all those events happening in front of my eyes.Very impressive.

  9. Anisha said

    One thing is for sure, When you start your career you are given lot of sh*t which you have to endure. When you grow a bit experienced, you are given somewhat less sh*t. When you grow more you Start Giving giving more sh*t and then as you grow more you give less sh*t. Finally the time comes when you dont care what a sh*t is. Hope that time comes soon for you.

    Wonderful blog !!!

  10. One more follower here.I always enjoyed your stories and narration during our walk to HP canteen :)Hope to continue here.

  11. Vikas Kotian said

    Nice start dude. You have a follower in me. Cheers to Life!!!

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