Nick Second Life

The Story of an MBA grad in Recession times.. as told by Nick!

The Second Life of Nick!

Nick, Dear Readers, is the main protagonist of the story. This is his diary. I just note it down as he speaks. He does not stop speaking and I am never tired writing. Nick is a fictitious character. There is no resemblance of Nick to anyone. I am not Nick. All the characters in the stories are fictional. It might be you or I. But the story claims to be neither.

Happy reading and please wish me courage to keep writing!

If you like a coherent blog, then you can start from Chapter 1 of any of the volumes. Nick told me to tell you this.


2 Responses to “The Second Life of Nick!”

  1. Sibasish said

    It takes real guts to pen down the real life one lived/living, what people notice in you is reel life always from a distance. It can only happen when one is true to him/herself, and you are as your writing says so.

    Keep discovering life and sharing the learnings.


  2. Anju said

    Never knew the Truth can be so enchanting and Nick can create a charisma with his words. Needless to say …It is purely amazing.

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