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MiL – Who cares about Lunch Anymore

Posted by Subhendu on September 15, 2011

When Nick turned back and paced his way into his cabin, he brushed past the thoughts which were in his mind.

Normally when it nears lunch time, a Group chat window in Skype blinks red for him and his three best pals – Tom, Dick and Harry ping him saying its time! Introductions again? Sure. Tom is hefty, rides a Merc and is brimming with ideas all the time. Few of his ideas are so funny that you literally roll on the floor laughing. He is the only married guy in the group and he keeps giving Gyaan about bliss of married life. Result? Of course – Others keep bashing his statements! Dick has nothing to do with his name.  He is lean, 6 feet 2.  Creative Designer. His name should actually be Kid instead of DiK. Simple yet firm. Harry normally stays aloof – Sings bollywood songs when he is on mute in conference calls. No, never has there been any situation where mute went off. No one never told him that stop shouting Harry. Please dont assume things. Nothing such ever happened. And last one is me – Nick. I am what I am. Possessive about everything around me. Voracious eater. Believing more in gobbling rather than eating blissfully.

Near about the same time as everyday the Skype window went red. “Lunch?”… “Yes”… “yes”… and they were waiting for me. I was somehow not hungry. I was just looking at the chatbox aimlessly. “Nick?”. With a reflex action – I typed “Yes”.

MayfairThe restaurant was far away. Atleast 5 miles from the office, yet Nick and his friends drove there, everyday. They stopped at all traffic signals as usual. Occasionally Tom swore if someone suddenly came in front of his car. At times, they even were caught by traffic police but that is a completely different story. Today, however, was totally different.

“Where are you” – Harry blurted looking at me.

I woke up from the state of trance. “I am here only, why?” I blushed. I very well knew that i was still with the voice which called me up couple of minutes ago! But there was something in the voice which just stuck to me. It was as if I could hear the voice resonating in my ears even now. I was just listening to the same voice over and over. It just made me feel different.

“You are blushing like a teenager who just got proposed!!” Tom looked back from the steering wheel.

“No!! I am not. Comm’on you guys!” I defended.

I could hear their murmurs. And the hum of the car engine. And i could also hear the sound of the wind swishing past the glass windows of the car. As if each zephyr of air just came in close with a fresh scent of love. I could even smell the freshness of jasmine. Jasmine?!!

Finally everything stopped. We arrived at the restaurant. It looked all different to me. It just looked way too bright. I brushed past the thought. Wishful thinking or daydreaming! When orders were being given I said Ditto and thats it. Food was on the table.

The appetite was gone. I was just staring at the food. My fingers were numb yet fiddling with the fork. I wanted to appear as natural as possible. I was excited but i did not want to reveal. May be I am actually day dreaming or imagining too much. I did not want to appear stupid with a phone call.  Gobbled up whatever was there on the plate.

It was already 2 15 PM.  Back to work!


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